Frank Machado and Associates

      A Computer Systems & Network Service Company

                                                                                                                (925) 765-2762


Desktop Support


                                                          -Computer tune-ups

                                                          -Virus/Spyware removal

                                                          -Desktop/Laptop hardware and software system repairs of all name brands

                                                          -Quarterly or Bi-Annual computer maintenance

                                                          -Operating system fault analysis and resolution

                                                          -Operating system upgrades

                                                          -Computer hardware upgrades

                                                          -Data transfer from existing computer to a new one

                                                          -Create a standard desktop environment for your office or per


                                                          -System performance evaluation

                                                          -Install, configure, and update your anti-virus program     


Server Support


                                                          -Troubleshoot and repair all name brand server hardware and software

                                                          -Server operating system fault analysis and resolution

                                                          -Create and implement a disaster recovery plan

                                                          -Evaluate and resolve data security issues

                                                          -Custom servers designed and built with name brand quality parts

                                                          -Server operating system ugrades and data migration

                                                          -Exchange email server design and implementation

                                                          -Exchange email server upgrades and migration

                                                          -Server infrastructure design, planning, and implementation

                                                          -Server Backup Solutions

                                                          -Install, configure, and update anti-virus software for the server or an

                                                           enterprise solutions.


                                                          Network Support


                                                          -Design and implement a network infrastructure

                                                          -Analyze and resolve network or internet problems

                                                          -Design and configure remote access to your network

                                                            resources from home or while traveling

                                                          -Network security analysis and oversight resolution

                                                          -WAN/WAN site connectivity


Printer & Scanning Support


                                                          -Troubleshoot/Repair printer connectivity issues

                                                          -Setup printers and connect to a computer or network

                                                          -Installation and configuration of printer software

                                                          -Set up network printers

                                                          -Set up network scanning