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      Computer Tune-Up


What is a computer tune-up?

It is…….…….  Cleaning up all the clutter caused by the Windows operating system.

                                                  Analyzing the startup areas of Windows so only necessary programs are

                                                      starting up. 

                                                 … Checking the installed programs and removed malicious, unwanted,  

                                                      or unnecessary items.

                                                 … Updating applications and Windows security,

 Checking log files and addressing any concerns.

 … Cleaning up Windows file system.

 … Analyze Windows registry for any obvious “hacks”.

 … Check that the virus software is up to date and running periodic scans.

                                                 … Clean up Internet Explorer.

                                                 … Defragment the hard disk.


When do I need a tune-up?  When the computer is running slower than usual, displaying error messages,

                                                               crashing, hanging, displaying popups, or just doing strange and unusual things.


What’s the difference between a tune-up and quarterly or periodic maintenance?  A tune-up is generally

                                                               performed on one computer while maintenance is done on all computers.


What’s the importance of maintenance or a tune-up?  The most obvious reason is to have your computer

                                           run as fast as possible.  If it still is not running as fast as you would like after

                                           the procedure then you know you’ll be needing a new computer soon.  I’ve

                                           also seen spyware sending email contacts spam.  The worst case of this caused

                                           the company to be put on blacklists which means their email is blocked.  It’s

                                           tough to get off the blacklists once you have a “bad reputation”.  If you have

                                           sensitive client data on your machine you owe it to your clients to be sure you

                                           are not infected with any malicious programs that can compromise their data.

                                           The list goes on…